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Wheelwright & Woodturner

Garden Croquet and Bowling Sets, Truggs, Benches, Wheels, Wagons & Carts Rebuilt or Made to Order.

Martin Symes Wheelwright & Woodturner

I started working on wheels in 1973 as a hobby, and began demonstrating at fairs and shows which progressed into a full time business. I was lucky to have a very good woodwork teacher at school who taught me all the basics, including wheelwrighting and instilled in me the importance of making things properly in the time honoured way. I have always tried to continue that tradition in all of my work. If something is made correctly it’ll last and look right for a long time.

The natural evolution of the business meant I ended up making all the items listed on this website, farm carts and barrows, truggs, fairy doors, wheelbarrows, cart wheels and gypsy caravans to name a few. See my handmade woodland products to view the full range.

I fell, haul and saw the timber which I use for my work and it all comes from local farms and estates – all within a 30 mile radius. All the timber coming from managed woodlands.

Woodland Products

All items are made to order. I am a one man business so things take to time to do them proper. All timber has character, it is a living product that alters with age and can move and give it its own character.

I may not be near the phone when you call so please leave a message for me to return your call. People can collect items from the premises but be aware this is a working sawmill and workshop so visits by appointment only please.

Buying Products

For most items, like barrows, wheels, benches all the larger things you need to speak to me personally so I can advise you on what you need. But cold callers and time wasters will have an abrupt response.

Martin Syems Wheelwright Woodturner Woodworker