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Garden Croquet Sets

Lawn and garden croquet set constructed using ash wood handles, beech wood heads, beech wood balls and the hoops or wickets are made from bent steel. The boxes for these handmade lawn croquet sets are constructed using scotch pine. I also supply the individual parts for replacements incase you’ve lost or broken any. I sell these croquet sets boxed, in a tray or unboxed.

Boxed Croquet SetTray Croquet SetUnboxed Croquet SetSingle Items
Set of 4 – £350Set of 4 – £320Set of 4 – £275Mallets (each): £35
Set of 6 – £385Set of 6 – £355Set of 6: £320Centre Pegs (each) – £25
   Balls (each) – £20
   Hoops (each) – £20