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Traditional barrows made or oak or ash and douglas fir for the name boards. Available with or without signage boards, either blank or lettered.

  • 4 Wheeled barrow from £2195
  • 2 wheeled market barrow (first picture back left) from £865
  • 2 wheels builders barrow (first picture back right) from £825
  • 1 wheeled vegetable barrow (first picture front middle) from £425
  • Coster Monger, 2 wheeled barrow made of oak or ash. £985.

Other traditional farm carts are available and aremade to order e.g. Donkey carts. Please telephone Martin on 01404 861340 to discuss your requirements.

Funeral Bier Adaptation

Pegs are added to the barrow to hold the casket in place. This comes as an additional cost to the price of the barrow..